Cherokee Family Shares Story


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Cherokee Family Shares Story 

by Native News Online Staff

 (L to R) Derrick Broyles, Karen Broyles, and Bradley Broyles Jr., the closely-knit Cherokee family from Nowata, shares gratitude for numerous benefits from Cherokee Nation. The family is employed by the newly constructed Cherokee Casino South Coffeyville.

(L to R) Derrick Broyles, Karen Broyles, and Bradley Broyles Jr., the closely-knit Cherokee family from Nowata, shares gratitude for numerous benefits from Cherokee Nation. The family is employed by the newly constructed Cherokee Casino South Coffeyville.

New casino brings jobs, homes and renewed life to Nowata family 

Published October 5, 2015

SOUTH COFFEYVILLE, OKLAHOMA – Known for their dedication to cause and community, the closely-knit Broyles family has always been on the giving end of things. The tides have recently turned and the Cherokee family from Nowata owes it all to Cherokee Nation and its subsidiaries.

“In 2008, I was the emergency management director for the City of Nowata and my mother was the mayor. Chuck Hopkins Jr. then told me how great it was to work for Cherokee Nation and about the many opportunities they offer,” said Bradley Broyles Jr., 36. “When I got word that Cherokee Casino South Coffeyville was opening last year, I remembered what he said years before.”

The entire Broyles family came on board Cherokee Nation Entertainment when the new 17,000-square-foot gaming facility opened earlier this year.

“I had advanced as far as I could at the city,” said Bradly Broyles Jr. “I wanted to move somewhere where I always had the option to move up, to further my career.”

Bradley Broyles Jr. was hired as the cashiering supervisor and mother Karen Broyles was accepted into revenue audit; while father, Bradley Broyles Sr., and brother, Derrick Broyles, were hired as armed security guards.

“I enjoy coming to work every day. Not many people can say that, honestly,” said Derrick Broyles, 35. “My previous 12 years’ experience in law enforcement at Nowata has been beneficial in my new position here as an armed security guard.”

New careers and benefits aren’t the only opportunities the family has experienced lately as Cherokee Nation citizens.

In 2012, the news was broken to Karen Broyles that of her kidneys was failing and the only option was to have a transplant. Cherokee Nation Health Services took care of the kidney transplant. They also covered the $20,000-a-month cost of the anti-rejection drugs she was prescribed after the procedure.

“I went to the Vinita Health Center for all of my appointments and the transplant itself,” said Karen Broyles. “They even paid for a specialist in Tulsa, who I still see today. It’s amazing all they’ve done for my health situation. I’m so grateful.”

Now that Karen Broyles is on the mend, she spends her time away from work enjoying her five grandchildren. They normally meet at one of her sons’ homes just down the street from her own.

The boys’ homes were built through a Cherokee Nation housing assistance program.

“We’ve always been close, so it’s funny that we work together and are now neighbors,” said Bradly Broyles Jr. “It took a little over a year from the time we applied for Cherokee housing to the day we got the call saying we were receiving homes from the tribe.”

The Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation has built a total 11 new homes in South Coffeyville through the New Home Construction Program.

“It’s a great program,” said Derrick Broyles. “The new homes have helped local Cherokee families and our town as a whole.”

When asked about the many opportunities through Cherokee Nation, the brothers exude gratefulness to their tribe.

“The prospects within Cherokee Nation are unlimited. With jobs, healthcare, housing and education assistance, they are constantly expanding their horizons for the greater good of the citizens,” said Bradley Broyles Jr. “I’ve spent most of my adult life in public service, and have never experienced something like this. I can even renew my Cherokee car tags online. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Cherokee Nation Entertainment is the wholly owned gaming, hospitality, retail and tourism entity of the Cherokee Nation. The company operates Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa; eight Cherokee Casinos, including a horse racing track; three hotels; three golf courses; and other retail operations. The region’s entertainment leader employs 3,500 people.

Cherokee Casino South Coffeyville is located off Highway 169 in South Coffeyville. For more information, please



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