Scientists map the genetic history of humans in the Caribbean

Repeating Islands

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Scientists have officially mapped the genetic history of the Caribbean. Now, a team of researchers have found out whether indigenous communities still exist in the Caribbean region today, Catherine Griffin reports for Science World Report.

“We’re really trying to connect the dogs and understand the migration, the flow of people in and out of the region,” said Theodore Schurr, one of the researchers, in a news release.“Each island seems to have its distinct history.”

In this latest study, the researchers focused on DNA samples from 88 participants in the First Peoples Community in Trinidad and the Garifuna people in St. Vincent. By looking at the mitochondrial DNA, Y-chromosomes and autosomal markers, three parts of the genome known for containing “signals” of indigenous ancestry, the researchers detected 42 percent indigenous ancestry from the maternal side and 28 percent from the paternal side.

Mitochondrial DNA comes from the mother only, regardless…

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