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Shechaim's News of the Day

Smoky Junior (S.J.) is still looking for his mother.


S. J. lives right behind us and we believe that he is a descendent of the bear family that would pass on by while I was building our Airedale fence many years ago.

A necessary fence, to keep them (our dogs) out of the speed-demon Road.

I promised his great-grandmother and great-grandfather, that I would never block their path to their breakfast, lunch and dinner on the other side of the road, and have kept my promise.

The first neighbor we came across after moving in was the Black Bear Family.

Father, Mother and their two Cubs.

As soon as the ‘Snow-Birds’ left for points north, the bears would show around

dawn and dusk.


The family must have felt safe enough to pass along our land and across the street for water and fishing.

Coming down from the New England Area…

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    1. Liked to do so! please read the next Story about a German shepherd dog in Kairo – so heartbreaking: but with a really WONDER-ful end (hoping that this end will not come quickly) for this shepherd dog (now living in America)


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