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This lost Native language of Massachusetts is waking up again


As a way to teach kids their Native Language, teachers apart of the Wopanaak Language Reclamation Project translate common objects into Wampanoag. These drawing feature pieces of clothing translated into Wampanoag.

Credit: Shondiin Silversmith/PRI’s The World

The project operates several language programs geared toward helping tribal members learn to speak Wampanoag, but its main focus is on youth ages 2 to 16.

Six teachers work with WLRP, and they’ve developed thousands of lesson plans in the Wampanoag language. One of the WLRP’s Native youth programs is called Neekun, which means “our house” in the Wampanoag language. Weston describes it as a means for Native youth to learn the language through fun activities — which is more effective than rote learning, especially after kids have already spent a full day at school.

“We try to keep it activity based,” she explained.

Neekun started in 2015, and it is one of four youth-based programs hosted by WLRP. 

Within the programs, the kids are always trying to learn ways to easily incorporate the Wampanoag language into their daily lives. This is why one of the first things they learn is how to introduce themselves. …. READ MORE:


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